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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I'll show you what to do, Jimmy Choo

Second post of the night, I couldn't keep you in suspense now could I?

If you read the first post (you haven't read it? Read it!) you will know I write for a fashion website, based in the US.

A certain number of Teen Vogue forum users will know that I am going to London Fashion Week for the second time! (I went last season – but this time will be so much better. More designers, more shows, more fun!)

So I thought it'd be a pretty nifty idea to post coverage on the upcoming London Fashion Week.

So from now on, till the end of London Fashion Week. This blog will be more or less LFW crazy! I will document all the preparations I make, as well as outfits I will be wearing, invitations I receive, and all the bits in between!

And for starters, I thought I'd show you the invitations I've received so far!

A lot are still in the mail or about to be posted, as believe it or not, it's still a bit early. As they say, fashionably late is the way to go. I remember last season, I was still getting invitations after the week had started!


John Rocha and Caroline Charles invitations! So beautiful! I went to Caroline Charles last year, it was amazing. I'll link the article I wrote on the collection at some point… Haven't been to John Rocha, but I am pretty excited. The invitation looks plain but it folds out into a really cute poster! Another thing to add to my wall…

As well as all the major, well known designers, I really find it interesting to look at the new up and coming talent, so I have invites to lots of lesser-known/fashion student shows. Here are some more invitations…

I'll keep you updated! I plan on post frequently up until London Fashion Week, then daily during LFW and back to frequently again! Closer to the date I'll show you some outfits I'm thinking of wearing…

I'll also take pictures AT London Fashion Week, maybe I'll do a little celebrity spotting? Can you say… Erin O'Connor, Jimmy Choo, Pixie & Peaches Geldof… I saw them last year. Let's hope this year is just as good celeb spotting wise.

My homework awaits me, dolls.

xo aindrea

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PPS. I'm not anonymous... I just look really rough today, and don't want to scare you off with my "tired, just came home from school frown". Not a good look!

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Rosieee x said...

hey, im new to this too lol :)
blogs looking very lovely, how did you get that skin thingy?
have fun at lfw! ive always wanted to go!

Luna Supernova said...

great, look forward to seeing how fashion week pans out.

i love Kaya Scodelario so nice blog header.

oh and btw that is a fantastic cushion on that chair (the mongolian lambs wool looking one)

La Fée said...

ooh it all sounds so great, you are so lucky :)

Aja said...

wow that sounds fantastic.. i look forward to reading more :)