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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Featured in the newspaper...

So, a day before London Fashion Week I was interviewed by a newspaper called "The Voice". It was really good, and lasted about 10 minutes and the interviewer basically just asked me about my aspirations and how I feel about the experience.

You can read the article below, or click the image for a zoomed image of the article (it has clearer text)

It felt so weird to open the newspaper and see my face there, as well as a pretty large article! And it was page 3 so you literally open the newspaper and there I am, with a catchy title.

I'm really excited about the press though.

Hopefully more to come :)

xoxo aindrea

2 pretty little comments:

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's exiting!
You writer for thefashionspot.com??

Sullivan said...

What is the song called on the side and who is it by?
the one with the sideways ponytail.
Sullivan x *thanks!